Public engagement is a core task with the 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan update. There are many different ways you can participate in the process. As the public engagement process gears up more information will be posted on this page. Stay tuned for more information. 

The Danville MPO has a governing body whose voting members are made up of three members from the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors, two members from the Danville City Council, the Danville City Manager, and a member from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). The Policy Board meets to determine policy matters and vote on issues brought to them by the Chairman and/or MPO Administrator.

Provide general comments on the website. What are your concerns about the region's transportation system? Is there a specific intersection that is perceived as dangerous? Do you have special transportation needs that are not being met? Let us know.

There will be community survey efforts throughout the 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan update. These surveys will help us determine how to score potential transportation improvements in the region. 

Throughout the planning process, the project team will post new engagement tools that are designed to collect feedback on specific items. Stay tuned on opportunities to get involved. 

There will be displays and presentations at community events and to existing community groups, as defined by MPO staff. These efforts will help to inform and educate. There will be materials on site, to allow for public comments, designed for the specific engagement phase. 

There will be three public open house events. These events will comply with the Public Involvement Participation Plan and Notification Procedures Manual, as well as the Title VI Plan: Environmental Justice and Limited English Proficiency document.

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